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The Actions thing is another issue that I noticed today. On the trunk, we seem to have "old style" actions on some tools (I specifically looked at the Membership and Memberdata tools because I'm re-doing CMFLDAP) that are not being used at all because they are now new-style actions in the Actions tool, and indeed those tools are not even registered as action providers anymore. Any objections to removing those old-style actions from tools that are no longer set up as action providers?


I hope the pending CMFSetup refactorings will make it easier to extract specific settings from profiles and to make them selectable in the add forms for tools, FTIs and workflows. (Just like complete profiles are selectable in the site add form.)

I'm assuming the "settings" you mean here would be the equivalent of being able to instantiate CMFSetup-controlled types manually in the Types tool without going to the Setup tool? Yes, that functionality is missing. What's the ETA on those refactorings? Sounds interesting.

I have some ideas, but I don't know exactly what Tres is working on and what the discussions of the next 2 weeks (CMF 2.0 roadmap, CMF/Five sprint) will bring. So I just could speculate at the moment.

I didn't mean that the refactorings will bring such a functionality out of the box. I just said I'm hopeful that implementing it becomes easier.

So in the end it looks like while we're retaining FTIs in CMF for backwards compatibility (thus already providing the answer to one question) it is perfectly safe for me in my products to do away with them. That was the implied question ;)

Yes. That should be perfectly safe.



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