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Tres Seaver wrote:

I owe another proposal on filesystem export / import of content, but
this one was a prerequisite.  Please comment on the list, as the
discussion facilities on the site are pretty much useless.


I'm not sure if I understand the proposed way to register SetupHandlers:

Obviously you propose a new global registry for available SetupHandlers with new API and ZCML for registering SetupHandlers.

At the first glance that makes export_steps.xml and import_steps.xml obsolete. But there is the MetaProfile that has to be shipped with a BaselineProfile and that is maintained in the tool. Why do we still need MetaProfiles? Can't we just walk through a site/profile and export/import each object that has a handler?

http://mail.zope.org/pipermail/zope-cmf/2005-September/022877.html proposes to use im- and export adapters for content objects. Can't we do the same for config objects, registering the SetupHandlers as adapters? And get rid of the special SetupHandler registries completely?



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