Apologies! Although I had tested adding the configured site via the ZMI several times (though only on 2.8), the removal of the two lines in setuphandlers somehow got missed out when I posted the code and patches.

It is true that I didn't try checking out a clean install, applying all the patches and re-testing: I think the unit tests gave me a false sense of security. If there's consensus on writing functional tests, then I'll happily submit one to check that the 'configured CMF site' works in the ZMI.


On 21 Sep 2005, at 16:50, Jens Vagelpohl wrote:

On 21 Sep 2005, at 11:48, Tres Seaver wrote:

Log message for revision 38552:
CMFSetup: added support for configuring cookie auth and mailhost tools

This patch is broken, as I am finding out. Please don't put it on the head until it is fixed. In CMF 1.5 it's now impossible to add a "Configured CMF Site" because the patch did not include cleanups to remove the current MailHost/CookieCrumbler instantiation code in the CMFDefault.setuphandlers.py module and sufficient testing.

I'm looking at it right now, but I'm sitting at the Vienna airport and might not be able to do too much.

Just fixed the last bit; there were two distinct problems in
combination with Zope 2.7.x and CMF 1.5.x. In general, CMFSetup
changes should be verified against both the latest CMF 1.5 and the
SVN trunk. In this particular case I was dismayed that the OP
apparently never went into the ZMI to actually set up a CMF site
using CMFSetup, which would have shown the problems immediately.


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