Jens Vagelpohl said:
>>     def test_DocView(self):
>>         url = self.doc1.absolute_url_path()
>>         import pdb; pdb.set_trace()
>>         response = self.publish(url, self.basic_auth)
>> Some stepping around with pdb reveals this:
>> ....
>> (Pdb) n
>>> /zope/ZopeSoftwareHome/lib/python/ZPublisher/
>> -> request, bind=1)
>> (Pdb) n
>> NotFound: 'document_view'
> The machinery doesn't know which skin is selected I presume. You can
> "force" it by calling "changeSkin" on the skinnable object manager
> (the portal is one) to select a skin path as set up in the skins tool:
> self.portal.changeSkin('Nouvelle')

That may well be necessary, but it's evidently not sufficient :-)
Any other ideas?  Meanwhile, it's more time in the debugger for me...
Hmm, now that I think about it, I seem to recall that skin objects
aren't acquired when I'm poking around in "zopectl debug" either.
Presumably it's the same problem.

I had a look at the tests for CMFCore and CMFDefault, but there don't
seem to be any tests for SkinnableObjectManager at all.

Paul Winkler

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