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Stefan H. Holek wrote:
Right, so at what point is the content-type-registry supposed to be added now? Plone Site creation breaks after this checkin with:

File "/Users/zope/plonehd/Products/CMFCore/utils.py", line 83, in getToolByName
    raise AttributeError, name
AttributeError: content_type_registry

Plone needs to kick off a "CMFSetup profile" which creates all the tools
before trying to use them.  Over time, there will be *nothing* left in
the PortalGenerator class:  everything it used to do will be handled in
a profile.

For BBB, we should chat about what actually happens here.

I can't see any need to remove code from PortalGenerator on the 1.5 branch. So far CMFSetup was an optional component of CMF 1.5. Are you sure you wanted to remove that code from the 1.5 branch?

Regarding the trunk (CMF 2.0):

Up to now I tried to keep manage_addCMFSite and PortalGenerator intact for BBB, but this becomes more and more a big burden. So meanwhile I would agree with dropping support for manage_addCMFSite, PortalGenerator and related code completely.

This would mean that all products built on top of the CMF have to ship with a GenericSetup profile for CMF 2.0.



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