Hi all!

If there are no objections, I'll merge tomorrow the yuppie-setup_cleanup branch into the trunk. This will break the setup code of all third-party products that haven't yet switched to GenericSetup/CMFSetup.

1.) factory_type_information data is replaced by XML files in the types directory of profiles.

TypesTool.listDefaultTypeInformation was removed, the 'fti' argument of utils.ContentInit and the 'typeinfo_name' argument of TypesTool.manage_addTypeInformation are ignored.

2.) manage_addCMFSite is replaced by addConfiguredSite.

3.) PortalGenerator is replaced by setup handlers and a base profile.

4.) enumerateIndexes, enumerateLexicons, enumerateColumns and _initIndexes of CatalogTool are replaced by a catalog.xml file in profiles.

5.) Install.py scripts are replaced by extension profiles.



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