Victor Safronovich wrote:
Hello Dieter Maurer,

Thursday, October 20, 2005, 1:44:27 AM, you wrote:

DM> Victor Safronovich wrote at 2005-10-17 13:10 +0600:

By the way i think code:
      for w in wfs:
          w.notifySuccess(ob, action, res)
      if reindex:
in  _invokeWithNotification should be turn upside-down to:
      if reindex:
      for w in wfs:
          w.notifySuccess(ob, action, res)
am i right?

DM> Why do you think so?

DM>   I find the original order more natural (in case "notifySuccess"
DM>   would change some workflow variables).
   My  product  used  DCWorkflow  in  a  wrong way. It is override notifySuccess
   method  and  called many scripts in this method, instead of adding before and
   after   scripts  to  transition.  And to my product it is necessary ( i think
   because  of  allowedRolesAndUsers  index  )  that  ob  must be reindexed 
   notifySuccess was called.

Yes that's a legitimate use case. Note that I have opened about this.

   By  the  way  is  it  correct  to skip ObjectMoved, ObjectDeleted errors from
   notifyBefore, notifySuccess, notifyException  methods in
   _invokeWithNotification method?

They're not skipped, they're treated specially. These exceptions are the way for transition code to notify the caller that something happened to the underlying object.


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