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Jens Vagelpohl wrote:
> On 24 Oct 2005, at 18:29, Tres Seaver wrote:
>>>> - External methods gain support by extending the saved  information to
>>>> collect module/function values for external methods instead of  trying
>>>> to read the body. This *will* make an import blow up if the
>>>> filesystem code the external method relies on is not in the expected
>>>> location
>> We can make the failed attempt to import the EM create a log entry,
>> without aborting the whole import;  OTOH, having it fail would tell  you
>> that you hadn't installed all the software you neeeded.
>> +1 for fleshing out the ".em" files for EMs (in fact, we just ran  across
>> that sprinting today).
> OK, so I'll add an implementation.
> There should be some very obvious feedback when an external method 
> cannot be found during a profile import. A blowup would be the most 
> obvious feedback ;)  The manage_tabs_message that shows up on the 
> Import view only enumerates the name of the steps that have run, 
> probably not a good idea to subvert that for this new kind of 
> information. I'm not sure that a log message that disappears into the 
> Zope event log is enough. Soon enough you will see strange workflow 
> errors and it might not be obvious right away that a script object is 
> completely missing.  My gut feeling says "blowup is better" - any  good
> arguments against it?

+1.  Similar import failures (e.g., import steps which point at
non-existent handlers, etc.) cause the import to blow up, which is the
Right Thing (TM).

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