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Alexander Limi wrote:
> Can anybody from the CMF team give some guidance to Laurence here?
> -- Alexander
> On Fri, 28 Oct 2005 06:31:42 -0700, Laurence Rowe <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
>> In Plone ResourceRegistries (1.1 branch) I need to get the current
>> skin  name so that the resource (a css or js file) is fetched from the
>> correct  skin.

I don't understand the use case, but I will take your word for it.
Normally, you would look up the component CSS / JS files using the same
skin settings as the "base" page.

> Unfortunately it seems that there is no easy way to get
>> the  current skin name (when it is not set by a cookie in the
>> request). I can  work around this like follows, but it's a bit ugly:
>>      security.declareProtected(permissions.View, 'getCurrentSkinName')
>>      def getCurrentSkinName(self):
>>          """Returns the id of the current skin.
>>          Ugh, there really should be a better way of doing this. This is
>>          depending on internals in CMFCore and should be added there.
>>          """
>>          skintool = getToolByName(self, 'portal_skins')
>>          default_skin_name = skintool.getDefaultSkin()
>>          tid = get_ident()
>>          if SKINDATA.has_key(tid):
>>              skinobj, ignore, resolve = SKINDATA.get(tid)
>>              current_skin_path = skinobj.getPhysicalPath()
>>              #
>>              # Perhaps test against default skin first?
>>              #
>>              skinnames = skintool.getSkinSelections()
>>              # loop through skin names looking for a match
>>              for name in skinnames:
>>                  skin = skintool.getSkinByName(name)
>>                  path = skin.getPhysicalPath()
>>                  if current_skin_path == path:
>>                      return name
>>          return default_skin_name
>> Would it be reasonable to make 
>> Skinnable.SkinnableObjectManager.changeSkin set the skin request var 
>> name after changing the skin? Such as:

I think it would be better to add the skin name to the tuple cached in
the module global ('SKINDATA[tid]').  This change would involve
overriding or monkeypatching both 'changeSkin' and '__getattr__' in the
Skinnable class, and then add a method, 'getCurrentSkinName', which
returned it.

I would be happy to merge a patch for this into the 1.5 branch and the
trunk, given tests which show correct behavior.

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