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Tres Seaver wrote:
The setup handlers for adapter based import / export are just
boilerplate. I'd like to move the complete responsibility for setting up
tools to importToolset / exportToolset.

- -1, if I understand correctly, because it assumes too much.  I *want* to
make each tool'w setup explicit, rather than guessing at it from the
tool's ID>

I can't see any guessing involved. The mapping from the tool ID to the ID of the XML file is well defined.

Profiles would not contain an XML file for each tool. But that's nothing new: Import steps are currently skipped if the related XML file doesn't exist. And that's quite often the case in extension profiles.

This would make writing and maintaining tool handlers much simpler. On
the other hand we loose some flexibility:

Exactly.  Lets work on getting all the handlers done, and generalize later.

My hope was that the proposed change would make it easier to write the handlers. But given the doubts raised by Florent and you I put this proposal on hold.

There are other unresolved issues and discussing this proposal might be easier at a later point.


I'll need a lot more detail on the proposal, in particular w.r.t. the
timeframe I'm proposing for a 2.0 release.

'alpha' has no special meaning to me in that context, we are in 'alpha' since 1.5 is branched. So the relevant date for getting things done is the 'beta' in mid December - that's one month from now. Right?



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