Raphael Ritz wrote:


Now my questions: is the outline given above correct?
At least w.r.t. the big picute?

in a general sense, i think yes.

If so: Having this in place shouldn't this allow for easy
extension to  multiple catalogs (like the uid or reference
catalogs from AT) by simply registering them as further
subscribers to the respective events? How to do that?
(RTFM manual pointers welcome; maybe I just need to
read Philipp's chapter on sites and local utilies again
but as of now I don't see how you get this together with
the TTW generation of arbirary many CMF and/or Plone
sites in one Zope instance).

If this would be all true, is it correct to infer
then that this is something Plone shouldn't have to
deal with at all (except for configuration)?

i think this is mostly correct. in the CatalogMultiplex scenario, however, you have multiple catalogs, and different content types registered with one or more of them. in this case we'd still need to preserve somewhere this catalog:type registry mapping. also, while it would be possible to have each catalog as an event listener, checking the registry to see if (un)indexing is appropriate, it would be more efficient to have the registry itself being the listener, delegating only to the appropriate catalogs based on the type of object being manipulated.


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