On Tuesday 15 November 2005 10:43 am, Rob Miller wrote:
> Florent Guillaume wrote:
> > Rob Miller wrote:
> >> CatalogMultiplex is a subclass of CMFCatalogAware which overrides the
> >> (un/re)indexObject methods to perform operations in multiple catalogs,
> >> if necessary.  your patch changes CMFCatalogAware's manage_before* and
> >> manage_after* methods so that it delegates to 'super' in order to
> >> handle recursion w.r.t. containers, but in this case 'super' ends up
> >> being BaseObject, and so the manage_(after|before)* methods in
> >> ObjectManager (inherited via PortalFolder) never get called.
> >
> > Can't BaseObject's manage_afterAdd & co use super() too? The goal is
> > that everyone uses super() because if one piece of code doesn't,
> > everything may break.
> yes... i'll play around with this this evening.

The problem is that everyone subclasses BaseObject/BaseContent/BaseFolder and 
explicitly delegates to some of its methods.  There's a good chance that 
many many AT projects will break if BaseObject starts using super.

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