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yuppie wrote:
> Hi Tres!
> Tres Seaver wrote:
>>> Hmm, it seems like that landed in the project-local repository from
>>> which GenericSetup originally sprang, but *after* GenericSetup landed in
>>> CMF's repository.  I'm attaching the patch:
>>>   - It uses the '_notes' field both to create an OFS.Image.File log of
>>>     import runs, as well as to display at the bottom of the "Import"
>>>     tab.
>>>   - It echoes logged messages to zLOG.
>>>   - It expands ISetupContext's API with methods 'note', 'listNotes',
>>>     and 'clearNotes'.  Stock implementations of ths API are in a new
>>>     'SetupContextBase' class.
>>> Note that the patch doesn't apply cleanly to the GenericSetup trunk;
>>> I'll have to work out why if we chose to land it.
>> OK, I've landed it (it was easier than I expected) on a new branch:
>>   http://svn.zope.org/CMF/branches/tseaver-resync_GenericSetup
> I tried hard to make the I/O adapters reusable outside GenericSetup. To
> become more independent from ISetupContext I propose to move the logging
> API into a separate interface and class. ISetupContext would just have a
> getLogger() method.
> I'm also missing different logging levels. The python logging module has
> a nice generic API for that.
> So I propose to use the same interface for the GenericSetup specific
> logger, making it replaceable by a python logger if the I/O handlers are
> used in a different context.
> For example this code in content.py::
>     import_context.note('SGAIFA',
>                         'no .ini file for %s/%s' % (subdir, cid))
> would be replaced by this code::
>     logger = import_context.getLogger('SGAIFA')
>     logger.info('no .ini file for %s/%s' % (subdir, cid))
> If there are no objections I'd like to make those changes either on your
> branch or after you merged your changes into the trunk.

Go ahead and merge it to the branch -- I'll need to look at how the
generated report changes to reflect the level.

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