i sent this message about 12 hours ago, via gmane, but i haven't seen it come through yet, am resending. apologies if it shows up twice.

Florent Guillaume wrote:
Tres Seaver wrote:

Note that the current breakage on the 1.6 branch is the kind of stuff
that made me reluctant to borrow the trunk's CMFSetup/GenericSetup.  In
this case, it isn't really fair to complain about the test breakage, in
that the whole point of the branch is to find and fix such things.

Well if the tests are expected to be broken, it shouldn't be called branches/1.6 but branches/genericsetup-backport. "1.6" is the name of an "official" branch, which should be clean.

this is my fault.  i shouldn't have named the branch '1.6'... in fact,
i'd be happy to rename it, if that's what people want.

i DO run the tests, religiously, BTW, and i mentioned this explicitly in
an earlier message:

i managed to get the lion's share of the GenericSetup-based
installation backported to the 1.6 branch tonight.  the unit tests
need to be fixed up, and i haven't done anything with the CMFTopic
extension profile yet, but it is possible to add a functional CMF site
TTW.  i'll work on getting the tests to pass and the CMFTopic profile
working later this week

this was sent on 11/16, i've done a bit more work since then, but
haven't gotten things squared away, yet.

I've just fixed a couple of things, which is more than the bandwidth I
meant to spend on the 1.6 branch alredy.

my apologies.  as i said, i'm very aware of the issue and it resolving
it is on my short short list of things to do.  the problem is, as jens
pointed out, that i shouldn't have created a 1.6 branch but should have
instead given it another name until it was more ready for public

i have to run to a meeting right now, but if someone wants to rename the
branch, please do.. i will be putting some time into this tonight,
hopefully i can get this completely resolved.  otherwise, i will be
off-line all weekend, and will be picking up development early next week.


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