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On Wednesday 23 November 2005 16:41, Martin Aspeli wrote:
I think there needs to be a solution for making quick, preferably TTW customisation of UI templates. As Tres pointed out, this shouldn't add a performance overhead and lead to maintenance woes for those who know what they're doing. Ideally, the site admin should be able to switch this off. Or even, the view creator should have to turn it on (e.g. by using a ZCML directive that makes a template TTW customisable. Or something). I know this strays away from best practice, that people will slap in crazy python: statements in TAL etc. Having a way of dumping this stuff to "real" views would be good, even necessary. But I think ignoring these users because the approach that's most accessible to them doesn't fit with
 the purity of our framework will seem to them elitist, and it'll probably
drive more people to ruby-on-rails, who sell themselves on how easy it is
to get started.

You should have a look at CPSSkins for Zope 3 (developed by the Z3ECM project).


Hi Martin, Stefan!

There's a lot of work going on just to solve these issues (TTW / filesystem, customization, creating settings, exporting resources to the filesystem, ..), but on an application level and not in the way you think. What is made customizable is not an entire template, but only the resources used by the "template". Also the page composition is done entirely TTW. So the need for a template to create an manage entire sites disappears.

see for instance:
"Unified model for managing application resources"

The separation of concerns (the site manager manages filesystem and TTW resources, page designer manages pages, content author manages content , ...):

Using ZPT pages to create portlets through-the-web

my impression is that if you want TTW editing you'll have to do it on an application level using what's available in the framework (utilities, ZPT, ...) Zope3 allows you to do this already and in a much cleaner way than with zope2..

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