Paul Winkler wrote at 2005-11-30 10:33 -0500:
> ...
>When you customize a FSPageTemplate, you get a plain ZopePageTemplate.
>So you'll need to find a way to post-process the output of those
>without requiring a change to core Zope, or this becomes a Zope
>proposal.  Unfortunately I haven't a clue how you could avoid that.

Instead, you change the "makeZODBClone" (or similar method)
of "FSPageTemplate" and create a (new) "CMFPageTemplate".
(rather than a plain "ZopePageTemplate").

This would be a good thing (not only in the light of Paul's
proposal) as a plain "ZopePageTemplate" behaves too differently
from a "FSPageTemplate" (i.e. it is not "Caching Policy Manager" aware).

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