Florent Guillaume wrote:
Stupid is in the eye of the beholder. You don't like something that's useful for others so you want it to die. Congratulations for your openmindedness. And you apparently can't grasp the idea that there can be different levels of informativeness.

Are you honestly telling me that warning, info, debug, error and critical aren't enough?

debug is the same as blather, just with a more meaningful name...

Python has .info and .debug.

If this stuff is useful and normal people will want to know it, it should be at info.

There's no such thing has normal people. There are many profiles.

Yeah, that's why we have configurable log levels in zope.conf ;-)

And at different times the same person may want to read information at a more detailed level than usual. Just INFO and DEBUG is not enough.

Sure it is ;-) You seem to be confusign .info with .warning. If your funny customers get scared by stuff at .info, then change their log level in zope.conf to warning, then they won't bug you so much and in turn get you bugging the rest of us to log at the wrong levels ;-)


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