On 1/5/06, Jens Vagelpohl <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Sorry I didn't follow this discussion closely, so you want to merge
> the last remnants of CMFonFive into CMF 1.6 and 2.0, is that the
> suggestion?

It's already merged into CMF 2.0 (although it's not actuall *working* yet. ;) )
So it's only 1.6 that is the question yet. The result would be that
CMF 1.6 would only support one major version of Zope, which I guess
would be 2.9, which doesn't seem to sit well with the Plone community.

Anyway, I'll release a CMFonFive 1.3 today, which will work with Zope
2.9, and CMF 1.5.5, and should work with CMF 1.6 (although I haven't
tried it yet).
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