> Hi Tres! Hi Florent!
> Tres Seaver wrote:
>> Florent Guillaume wrote:
>>> Here is some doc I wrote about GenericSetup:
>>> http://blogs.nuxeo.com/sections/blogs/florent_guillaume/2006_01_24_genericsetup-for-cps-cmf
>> A very nice writeup.  Could we get it (or the non CPS-specific bits)
>> added to docs for GenericSetup?
> I just added a 'doc' directory and checked in the fragments of
> documentation I had in my sandbox. Everybody is welcome to change and
> improve those docs. Florent's writeup would be indeed a valuable
> contribution.
> BTW: In which checkin list do GenericSetup checkins show up now?


>> A couple of points:
>>   - The "selective export" think *used* to work;  I didn't know it was
>>     broken.  I used it frequently in the project which spawned the
>>     move from CMFSetup to  GenericSetup.
> Florent writes about *incremental* exports, not about *selective*
> exports. Selecting specific export steps should still work.

Ah, OK.  I was confused by the "which XML files" phrase.

>>   - The "upgrade" feature you talk about for CPS sounds a bit like what
>>     the "version" attribute was originally for on import steps:  in the
>>     original implementation, the tool knew what versions of import steps
>>     had been run in the past, and you could see which steps were "newer"
>>     (or had never been run) on the import view.  I don't know where that
>>     feature went.   It seems as though we should either add your update
>>     feature, or else resurrect the "version" UI (or maybe both?)
> I have to admit that I never understood why import steps have a
> "version" attribute. And I still don't understand that concept: Does
> that mean each upgrade needs its own import steps?

The use case was that, over time, an import step might be updated.  If you
had installed your site before the update, then your configuration might
also need to be updated.  Some version of the setup tool (maybe never
publicly released) tracked the 'version' last installed for each step,
and would show you the steps which were out-of-date, or had never been
installed, in a way which made them easy to distinguish.  I think there
was a convenience button which ran only such steps, as well.

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