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I have been searching the site as well as reading the "Zope Book" and experimenting with zope and the cmf. What I am trying to do is make some very simple, easily customizable sites for my client base. So I want the cms that I create to add new dynamic pages that are interlinked in the site. These pages will show some basic info and 8-10 pictures. I also want to implement a easy to use browser base WYSIWYG editor. 
I have been messing around with the main_template file and others but I have some questions.
What files should I be editing? What file(s) are my cms form that creates the new pages and what extensions will I need to install. Is there any documentation on this? Also what language (ZPT or DTML) will I need to know for this? WIll I need to be totally proficient in it?
There is so much that I want to ask but I will keep searching for answers and experiment with Zope.
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