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So there isnt a way of doing this just with the CMF? I have looked at
plone and it doesn't seem to offer the exact requirments. All I want to
make is a site where my clients can edit the body of 1 or 2 pages and
then add periodic new content that only has a title, small body, and
some pictures. I also am interested in learning more about zope and
would like to know if would be hard for a noob like me to learn how to
do this.

It's quite often easier to turn things off in Plone than to re-invent them on top of plain CMF. What you're asking for is *exactly* what Plone does, and it'd be much easier for you to learn how to do so in a Plone context than in a pure CMF context, if only because there are books (Plone Live's a good one) and lots of documentation and tools like Archetypes and ArchGenXML. Plone isn't perfect, and probably has evolved too much framework for its own good (we're working on it :-) but it is much more rapid, you get a lot more usability and integration for free, and it's easier to learn than plain CMF.



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