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BTW: Next week I plan to land ZCML support and non-Products package support for registering profiles. Don't know if new features like that should be shipped with CMF 1.6 or if we need a maintenance branch for GenericSetup 1.1.

I'd love to ship as many features with CMF 1.6 so that Plone coders can immediately use as many of them as possible and thus ease their jump to CMF 2.x down the line. I just need GenericSetup to be compatible with Zope 2.8.

+10 - we'd be immensely grateful for this.

Also note that Hanno has done a lot of great work on making Plone 3.0 (which is basically just 2.5 at this point) run on CMF 2(.1?), so we're already on it. :)


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