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Rocky Burt wrote:

As of Five 1.4, the Five specific functionality has been merged into
Five itself.  As of Zope 2.10, the Zope specific functionality has been
merged into Zope itself.  So all that remains now is CMF.  The biggest
problem with CMF was CMFCore.TypesTool.listDefaultTypeInformation.  As I
know this is no longer used in CMF2 this *should* mean CMF2 is safe
(although I'd have to do further tests to confirm this).

AFAIK registerDirectory and registerProfile work only inside of Products. I'm currently working on a fix for registerProfile.

What I would like to do is get CMF1.6's listDefaultTypeInformation fixed
so that people stuck on CMF1.6 can reap all of these benefits without
having to include pythonproducts.  One large beneficiary of this work
will be the Zope2.10 based Plone 2.5 combination which will be able to
do all of this without the need for pythonrproducts *if* CMF1.6 is

Anyhow, I've included a patch that demonstrates what would need to be
done including some extra test logic that fails before my changes and of
course passes afterwards.

What do you all think?  Something we can include in time for CMF1.6.1
beta2 ?

I don't care much about CMF 1.6, but I wonder in which case your patch is useful. Are you suggesting that people write cutting-edge Products-less python packages and add deprecated fti data in those packages to make it available through the deprecated listDefaultTypeInformation method?



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