I have a couple of queries about the caching policy manager. Can anyone help?

1. When 304 responses are enabled, if the function entered for modification time or etag return anything other than a string, the comparison always fails, and so the objects do not validate. This is because the browser's if-none-xxx header value is a string, and so the CPM is comparing strings with datetimes. Is this a bug, or do I have to manually ensure all the functions return strings each time?

2. Is there any way to get at the modification time for the actual view or template that is being rendered? For example, I would like to construct an etag of the form 'content.modified() + view.getModTime()'. Also, it means I can't get the right modification time from the filesystem for any pythonscript-generated stylesheets (the closest I can get is the modtime of the containing folder). What's the best way round this?

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