Hi Rocky!

Rocky Burt wrote:
Just checking in to see if you got any of this put in place yet.  Also
hoping you can identify anything I need to do to ensure I can use skins
with productless products :)

I'm done with my part:

AFAICS this needs to be done:

1.) Writing a new function for creating registry keys that replaces 'minimalpath'.

2.) Writing BBB code for persistent registry keys. Most DirectoryView objects are not persistent. Only DirectoryView.__of__() has to handle old keys stored in DirectoryView._dirpath. And it would be nice if GenericSetup would update the keys on import.

3.) Maybe it makes the code easier to read if 'minimal_fp' is replaced by something like 'reg_key'.

4.) Maybe utils.minimalpath and utils.expandpath should be marked as deprecated. AFAICS they are not used for other purposes.



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