Dieter Maurer wrote:
Rocky Burt wrote at 2006-7-9 10:11 -0230:
If we're changing how the keys look, why not simply use full package
names in front with relative paths after the first slash (although I
might prefer a colon or something in place of the first slash).

So the new keys would be:

No need to make exception for Products in my opinion.  And the retrieval
logic would convert the first portion (before the first slash, or as I
mentioned earlier, perhaps a colon) into an absolute path based on the
actual package filesystem location.

We have a Zope version where package resources (such as skins)
can come together with the package from a zip archive
(this is a function similar to the newer "egg" Python function).
We identify such resources via "pypackage" urls which have the form


Here "package" is the full package path (e.g. "").

This is very similar to your proposal.

I think, when we change something, we should look for a way
that could survive eggification (planned for Zope 2.11).

Something along your proposal might be a very good candidate!

Please note that in CMF 2.1 this is just a registry key for looking up DirectoryInformations. It is no longer used for looking up the filesystem resources directly.

The identifiers discussed here are useful for direct lookup, but IMHO they are overkill for registry lookup.

Cheers, Yuppie

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