Dieter Maurer wrote:
Miles Waller wrote at 2006-8-11 16:17 +0100:

I stepped through the code and somehow it thinks the user 'admin' is the owner. I think this is being acquired from somewhere (not sure where). I added the line _owner = None at the class level in CMFCore.DTMLMethod (analagous to that in CMFCore.FSPythonScript) and everything worked correctly but I'm confused.

If assigning to "_owner" changes something, then the issue
is with the "executable ownership" (this is maintained in "_owner").

An executable object (in this case your DTMLMethod) cannot have
more permissions than its (executable) owner.

In your case, the executing user has more permissions -- but
this does not help.

You may be able to change the executable owner of your DMTLMethod
with the "Take ownership" tab of the object.

Thanks for your help.

This is definitely a bug: just returning the result of portal_actions.listFilteredActions( object ) yields different results depending on whether it is done in a python script or a dtml method.

I'll file a bug report.


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