Suresh V. schrieb:
Katja Süss wrote:

why not? A product with custom content types and one or two of standard content types allowed only in defined folderish custom types. As I don't need to modify for example ATFile I don't want to subclass this only to make it not allowed in general. For the moment I don't see another way to create a profiles/install/types/ATFile.xml

Shouldn't you be using allowed_types for your new folderish types and not muck with ATDocument/ATFile etc.?

That's not the point. The question is, say, you want (some of) the
default types *only* be addable to your custom type, so you want to
replicate what you do in ZMI by ticking one check box: the 'implicitly
addable' flag on a default type.

In the old days this would have been something like this (pseudo code):


in the custom product's install.

The question is: how would you do that from an extension profile
without replicating the entire 'File' fti for just this little change?


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