Hi Katja!

Katja Süss wrote:
I would like to make a suggestion: After selecting a profile make only import-steps included in selected profile available.

Just to make sure you understand the current behavior:

- import_steps.xml is used for registering available setup handlers, not available setup steps.

- Configuration files (like catalog.xml) represent the import steps available in the selected profile.

- If the file is not available that means the import step is not available and the setup handler has nothing to do.

Why would I like this?
I have a setup profile (prepopulating site, settting properties, etc)
and an install profile.
When updating to a new release only import steps of install profile should be run. It would be cake if the updater only has to select the profile, select 'all steps' and push the run button.
Curious to read comments.

Your install profile just contains files for steps that should be available. Right?

So what goes wrong if you select 'all steps'? If setup handlers do anything without finding their configuration files in the current profile the handlers are broken.



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