Hi Katja!

Katja Süss wrote:
Following situation happened:
A 3rd party product installed via GenericSetup registered a setup handler. This handler calls the quickinstaller install function, a function for populating the site, etc. All without configuration files. When I update my Product by selecting its profile and then select all import steps, then the step registered by the 3rd party product is also selected and run. For example the population of the site is run again and fails. Oviously I do not understand why this step is present after selecting a profile, this step doesn't belong to.
Maybe I mix up import steps and handlers?

Obviously the UI of the setup tool is far from perfect. One of the many issues it has is the fact that the import tab shows all available handlers, not just the available steps. That makes it hard to understand what happens, but is not what breaks your use case.

Your problem is the setup handler of the 3rd party product. The handler is responsible for making sure it depends on a configuration file. And should do exactly *nothing* if that file doesn't exist in the current profile.



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