yuppie wrote:
> Apparently I'm missing something because this doesn't make much sense to
> me:
> ComponentRegistryXMLAdapterTests use
> z.c.persistentregistry.PersistentComponents. These tests register
> wrapped tools, the registry returns them with their original wrapper.
> If I add transaction.commit(), I get a TypeError: "Can't pickle objects
> in acquisition wrappers."
> This is what I'd expect.

Me too.

> But:
> Importing componentregistry.xml in CMF, wrapped tools are registered as
> well. No error in that case, but unless re-wrapped by
> five.localsitemanager's PersistentComponents, the registry returns
> unwrapped tools.
> Any idea what's different in the second case? Why does registerUtility()
> work in that case, removing the wrapper without raising an error?

Actually I don't know why this works at all and I think it is a bug. We
should probably add an aq_base to the registerUtility call in the
handler to make sure we are not going to be screwed later on with some
obscure bugs.


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