Since nobody objected I removed the deprecation warning from
getToolByName. This means that products can keep relying on the
established getToolByName API, even if the underlying technology

The release schedule for Plone 3 is already off by a few months now, and
we can no longer afford to wait for the perfect solution. So what we
doing now is switching all code back to using getToolByName, but keep
the interfaces and utility registration for all our tools. This means
getUtility & friends will still work in Plone 3 as long as there are
no non-acquisition-aware local site managers in your path.

Plone will need a CMF 2.1 release for its final release as well, so I am
very interesting in seeing this settled properly. Unfortunately the
discussion seems to be at a bit of a stalemate and I'm not sure how that
can be resolved.


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