yuppie wrote:
> Hanno Schlichting wrote:
>> for some reason this change broken unit tests in all of the Plone
>> packages, starting with Archetypes, ATContentTypes up to CMFPlone. It
>> cannot find various skin methods and templates anymore.
>> Do you have some idea what could cause this? I have seen you introduced
>> a new __before_publishing_traverse__ method on PortalObject but as the
>> PloneSite object is derived from the CMFDefault.CMFSite object and in
>> return on PortalObject that method should be present on our site object
>> as well.
>> Any hints in which direction to look here? I have seen you changed the
>> setup code in two tests as well, to setup the skin manually, is this
>> something that is required now?
> Sorry. I hope this is just a testing issue. Or do you have similar
> problems if you start up a Plone site?
> I guess most skin tests need now the manual skin setup. Only tests that
> do the publishing traversal and trigger the setup in
> __before_publishing_traverse__ don't need it.
> Please let me know if you think this checkin causes too much trouble and
> should be reverted.

If it is just a testing setup issue we can probably fix that quite
easily in the PloneTestCase/CMFTestCase setup which most of our tests use.

I'll try to look into this in the next few days unless somebody beats me
to it.


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