I will be attending Europython next week, 9th to 11th July, in Vilnius, even giving a talk: http://indico.cern.ch/contributionDisplay.py? contribId=19&sessionId=19&confId=13919

this list is not really the target audience, except Tres - thanks again for ZPT!

But it might be an idea to meet up to discuss CMF. Not in the sense of a sprint but sometimes it's a good just to talk about who uses the software for what purpose.

I'm also going to give a talk to the local Zope user group here (DZUG Rheinland) about CMF 2.1 towards the end of the month. I will probably concentrate on the fairly comprehensive move towards Zope 3 that is 2.1 particularly for content-types. Suggestions as to what to emphasise are more than welcome. It might be interesting to note that the DZUG is organising a Grok spint in October which seems to me at least to be encouraging the migration to Zope 3 from the other direction.

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