Previously yuppie wrote:
> Wichert Akkerman wrote:
> >But we can't know if component or factory is used. What if someone uses
> >a factory which returns a component with a __module__ set?
> Don't know what __module__ usually looks like if the component is 
> created at registration time. I did hope there would be a way to tell 
> the difference, but I might be wrong.

I don't think there is.

> >>But if we have to keep track of registrations anyway, it might be better 
> >>to do this for all kinds of registrations instead of using a hack.
> >
> >That is my preference. I have added a statement to REAMDE.txt indicating
> >that export of placeless utilies is not supported at the moment.
> Fine.
> But you accidentally checked in your debug code as well. And please 
> don't forget to forward port your changes to the trunk.

Damn, again. Fixed that and merged the changes to trunk.


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