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So, I have this situation happen often enough, and I'm not sure what
would be the best way to approach it.  The context is a Zope + CMF
(latest) framework deigned to host multiple sites, but where the content
management part is purely internal, we manage sites internally, and the
public facing part is not interactive to users, they can't log-in,
register, or anything like that.

I have object types that need to exist just once, but need to do much
more than a standard tool is expected to.

The basic example is the search functionality and user interfaces.  Less
obvious is a key feature of one major client site where they have a
mapping tool (as in geographical maps), and many other parts of the site
revolve around it, link to it, etc ... It's in many ways a utility, but
also a contentish/fodlerish type!

I cannot assume WHERE such an object might be wanted, one client site
could want it in one folder, and another in the root (becaue of
navigation, breadcrumbs, individual site layouts, etc ...).

I would create a standard CMF-ish content-type. You can check at creation time if such an object already exists (through a catalog search). If yes, you throw an exception, if not you proceed....should be trivial...


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