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The simple example is the search stuff. I have a search form, search results, etc ... build around a content-ish type that in turn uses portal_catalog. This type should exist only once in the site. It is in many ways a tool, though it has a user oriented web interface. It also needs things like DC Metadata support (Corporate policy, ALL our web pages must have this), and maybe I want to let a site owner configure other properties of their instance of the search engine.

Of course, I can just try it, but I'm curious as to high level thoughts on this type of object, how it can or should be handled, if anyone has faced this before and how they approach it, etc ...

Of course, I can't see any way around utilities needing to be in the root :( I suppose I can fake paths and breadcrumbs or some such thing if needed ...

It's an intriguing post but I think you need to provide more information on the objects & methods you want available for your sites.

It sounds a bit like you have something (call it a McGuffin for any film buffs out there) that is installed in the root so that it should be available for any lower level item but it should also be customisable in some way. Why is this different to default instance of the McGuffin installed at root level with local, customised McGuffins installed lower down the hierarchy? This is standard way to do things in Zope, ie. you can overwrite the document_view method of any particular document.

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