Am 30.10.2007 um 17:04 schrieb Andrew Sawyers:

If it's in a content type's class, why not:
id = getattr(self, 'da_id', None)
Just using self as the context should be fine.
-- that of course presumes that the type is wrapped properly when you call that within your method.

mm, currently getting None back so I guess I'm not wrapping things properly.

This is a skeleton bit of code:

class ContentType(PortalContent):
    """A content type with access to an external database"""

    def __init__(self, id): = id
        DA = getattr(self, 'MyDA', None)
        #self.conn = DA() # not working at the moment because DA is None

Is it wrong to try and do this in my __init__ ? Regarding your other suggestion: yes, I probably will factor this out into a utility once I've worked out how to access the DA!!!


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