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   If I define a catalog index with GenericSetup, GS kindly removes the
index of the same name if it exists, and then add it again. This is
probably a good intention. However, when I reinstall a product (in this
case, a Plone product), removing and adding back the index causes the
indexed values to be lost. If the index definition has not changed, there
is no real need to remove it and add it back.

   I wonder what is the reason why GS remove all indexes, instead of
comparing existing indexes with the ones listed in the import step, and
adding new ones and removing and adding back only those that have changed.

   (As an alternative, I could ask GS to reindex my index after having
added it. However, it might not be such a good idea, though, because
reindexing an index is expensive.)

Indexes can have individual configurations. So it might make sense for
some index types to remove and re-add them in order for having a clean
new configuration.


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