Trying to polish the event handlers in CMFCatalogAware I changed their behavior a bit. Thinking more about it, the changes seem to be bugfixes that should go into the CMF 2.1 branch as well:

1.) CMF 2.0 did update the 'Owner' local role in manage_afterClone(). This was done for any object. In CMF 2.1 this is limited to IContentish objects - I guess by mistake.

2.) Updating the 'Owner' local role has to be done *before* the notifyWorkflowCreated() and indexObject() calls.

3.) IObjectMovedEvent should use indexObject(), not reindexObject(). No need to call notifyModified() as reindexObject() does.

If there are no objections, I'll backport the changes to the 2.1 branch.



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