Dear all,

at a snail's pace I'm approaching an understanding of the CMF! Actually, that's not entirely true, but coming from the ZMI world I'm still learning quite how much there is to learn!

How do I go about creating a different base as opposed to an extension profile? eg. A site which only allows Documents and Images
I've sussed that

      title="Charlies Site"
      description="Profile for a default CMFSite."

needs the provides directive removing and genericsetup XML files need creating in the profiles/charlie folder and I can create a site like this *but* I'm missing something fairly crucial as I get the following error when I try and look at the site:

"You have not created any users in this Zope instance. In order to log in and manage this Zope instance, you'll need to add an adminstrative user account"

NB. this is only for this site - the Zope Instance is fine as are any sites based on CMFDefault. Apart from the Members folder created by the script I can't see any difference between the two sites and there profiles although there obviously is.

Also: does <html metal:use-macro="context/@@standard_macros/page"> in a browser view template refer to ? As a bridge between CMF skins and browser views?

As always, thanks!

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