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Charlie Clark wrote:
> Dear all,
> at a snail's pace I'm approaching an understanding of the CMF!  
> Actually, that's not entirely true, but coming from the ZMI world I'm  
> still learning quite how much there is to learn!
> How do I go about creating a different base as opposed to an extension  
> profile? eg. A site which only allows Documents and Images
> I've sussed that
>    <genericsetup:registerProfile
>        name="charlie"
>        title="Charlies Site"
>        description="Profile for a default CMFSite."
>        provides="Products.GenericSetup.interfaces.EXTENSION"
>        for="Products.CMFCore.interfaces.ISiteRoot"
>        />
> needs the provides directive removing and genericsetup XML files need  
> creating in the profiles/charlie folder and I can create a site like  
> this *but* I'm missing something fairly crucial

A baseline profile is registered as providing a different interface:


The best way to get such a beast is to export the "all steps" tarball
from a working site and unpack in in your profiles directory.

> as I get the following  error when I try and look at the site:

> "You have not created any users in this Zope instance. In order to log  
> in and manage this Zope instance, you'll need to add an adminstrative  
> user account"
> NB. this is only for this site - the Zope Instance is fine as are any  
> sites based on CMFDefault. Apart from the Members folder created by  
> the setuphandlers.py script I can't see any difference between the two  
> sites and there profiles although there obviously is.

I can't discern from here what would cause that.

> Also: does <html metal:use-macro="context/@@standard_macros/page"> in  
> a browser view template refer to  
> Products.CMFDefault.skin.five_template ? As a bridge between CMF skins  
> and browser views?

Per $ZOPE210Products/Five/skin/configure.zcml, sort of:  that is the
only registration in effect for that name in Zope2.  The view class,
Products.Five.skin.standardmacros.StandardMacros, has a '__getitem__'
which actually looks for the name ('page' in this case) in any one of
three templates:  'five_template', 'widget_macros', and 'form_macros'.

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