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Hi Charlie,

Uids are wired up using the event machinery, so shouldn't need changes to content classes.

By default, uids are applied for all content with the IContentish interface so as long as AContentObject provides that interface, it should get uids. You can see this in event.zcml.

Originally, the tools did not do this, so for BBB you also need to check some properties in the annotation tool properties tab (I think): 'assign on add' and 'assign on clone'.

Thanks for the explanation but I'm still struggling a bit. I don't understand event.zcml - do I need to confifure a subscriber for my object?

>>> a = aContentObject.aFactory()
>>> from Products.CMFCore.interfaces import IContentish
>>> IContentish.providedBy(a)
>>> a.getId()

so the object is not aware of a UID if it has one. Is this wrong way to create such an object or should I be asking Zope to give me the UID? If I do depend on Zope to generate a UID for me then how I do add them to a folder? I can't use invoke_folder because that expects both the type name and the id.

Guess it's back to perusing the books.

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