I've been working on some very lightweight content types that differ minimally from each other so I'd like to use attributes rather than different classes. I've come across a couple of problems while working on this: if I put the attributes into the factory I need to make my basic object into a callable because it gets called when the factory gets registered.

Currently I have something like this:

class SpecialDocument:
        def __init__(self, **kw):

        def __call__(self, text_type=None):
                self.text_type = text_type

HTMLDocFactory = Factory(SpecialDocument(text_type='text/html')
PlainTextDocFactory = Factory(SpecialDocument(text_type='text/plain')

This is extended with additional registrations of the content class with additional meta_types.

This seems to be the most minimal configuration I can use and seems reasonably Pythonic but I'm worried about unexpected side effects and whether there is a different way of doing this, ie. using local utilities as these content types are going to be site specific. I was going to try this approach (similar to the KitchenTools example in Philip's book) but wasn't sure about some of the other things I was going to need.

Comments much appreciated.

On a personal note: over this last month, thanks to the list but also to Philip's and Martin's books I've really started to understand and appreciate the Zope 3 approach to stuff: it has a great deal of elegance even if it takes a while to get used to!

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