Maurits van Rees wrote:
This is on Plone 3.0 with CMFQuickInstaller 2.0.4.

I think you are on the wrong list here. QuickInstaller is a part of Plone and not CMF and should be discussed on plone-dev. I'll give some responses anyways ;)

Question 1: can I influence which profile is picked here?  Should we
add some code to the QuickInstaller.getInstallProfile(s) methods to
for instance prefer a profile with a name like "productname:default"?

Picking the first profile from the arbitrarily sorted list of profiles is obviously a shortcoming of QI. The main problem here is that QI uses the product name as a primary key for all its operations and thus can only really handle one installation record for one product. The whole use of extension profiles as installation procedures is a bit of a hack. What should really happen and which I'll do for Plone 4.0 is to remove the support for Extensions/Install.py and give up the one-to-one relationship between products and installation records. What happens in the end is that you apply configurations to a site - that can be as many as you want with extension profiles. I just don't see a way on how to move forward with this without a clear cut.

Now, I tested with eXtremeManagement 1.5.2, the latest stable release,
in case anyone wants to try it out (remember to add a Poi 1.1 bundle
too).  That release also has Extensions/(App)Install.py files.  I
moved those out of the way and restarted.

Why did you remove Extensions/Install.py? This one is supposed to take precedence over extensions profiles. In your case having one, which installs the GS profile you want internally should work just fine.

Question 2: I am used to having a profiles directory in a product and
a subdirectory inside it named 'default'.  eXtremeManagement is the
only product I know that has a second profile next to it.  Are others
using more than one profile?  Well, CMFPlone does a few things here.

Multiple profiles are common. I think I made the profiles/default thingy the default value, when you don't provide one in ZCML, but that's all the magic there is and should be.

Question 3: Should we encourage programmers to only use one profile,
presumably simply in a directory named 'profile' by default?

No. :)

In the case of eXtremeManagement, the day is saved because it still
has an Extensions/Install.py.  That is the installer that is actually
executed and it has some code to run the correct profile, including a
dependency.  The only hickup so far is that with the newer QI the name
of the other profile is listed instead of the default profile.

That is a bug. I think someone added this code of taking the title from the profile, shortly before the final and I missed to review it properly. We should just revert those changes. If you have an Extensions/Install.py nothing should be read from the profile database.

Can you add a ticket for this last issue?


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