Tres Seaver wrote:
Maurits van Rees wrote:

Note that for GS upgrade steps you do not really need "upgrade
profiles".  That was just my understanding/expectation of how to do
upgrade steps at the time.

Sees reasonable, although I should say that I don't use the "upgrade"
machinery in GS at all.

it's maybe worth mentioning here that i _have_ recently started using GS's upgrade machinery, and have been quite happy with it. the one thing that i've missed, which i'd like to add to the GS core if there's no strong objection, is the ability to easily register re-running a particular import step as a part of an upgrade path.

i propose introducing <genericsetup:upgradeRerunImportStep>, which could be used as a standalone tag or nested within the grouping defined by a <genericsetup:upgradeSteps> tag. it would function similarly to a regular upgrade step, except instead of running an arbitrary callable handler, it would rerun a registered import step within the context of the profile with which the step is registered.

it would also support an optional boolean purge attribute, which would be passed in to the import step execution as the purge argument.

a sample usage might look like this:

<configure xmlns="";


       stepid="typeinfo" />

       purge="True" />

       title="Do something special"
       description="Does something special"



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