I have now implemented this policy for the trunk and current release branches of Products.GenericSetup, Products.PluginRegistry and Products.PluggableAuthService:

- releases and information have their canonical location on PyPI

Done: changed the "url" metadata in setup.py

- the zope.org GS pages are changed to refer people to the PyPI page and new tarballs will not be stored there anymore

Done on the respective package "home pages" on zope.org.

- the package documentation will include hints on how to use the Products.GenericSetup tarball for those people who expect the old (flat) tarball structure

Documented in each package's README

- (cosmetic) the GS CHANGES and README files are redone to provide valid ReST so the PyPI page looks pretty.

Done by reformatting each package's README and INSTALL files, which comprise the documentation shown on the PyPI page for each release.

As noted before, if someone like Wichert still needs an old-style tarball put onto zope.org I'll be happy to do so _on request_ (not automatically) and only for the current release branch.


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