Hi guys,

I'm wondering about the need to provide tarballs for GenericSetup through zope.org alongside the tarball on PyPI. It's extra work and the GenericSetup pages on zope.org don't offer any added value over its PyPI page.

In order to simplify release management I propose the following:

 - releases and information have their canonical location on PyPI

- the zope.org GS pages are changed to refer people to the PyPI page and new tarballs will not be stored there anymore

- the package documentation will include hints on how to use the Products.GenericSetup tarball for those people who expect the old (flat) tarball structure

- (cosmetic) the GS CHANGES and README files are redone to provide valid ReST so the PyPI page looks pretty.

I would volunteer to do all that. Any opinions?


P.S.: The same issue is true (and I would volunteer to handle them) for a few other already-eggified packages, Products.PluginRegistry and Products.PluggableAuthService come to mind.

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