Martin Aspeli wrote:
The GS handlers for portal_types and portal_workflow both require a single file - types.xml and workflows.xml - that declares the objects, and a directory full of files - types/*.xml and workflows/*.xml - to initialise them.

However, in both cases, there is enough information in the per-item files (id, meta_type) to make the types.xml and workflows.xml redundant.

Some tools are ordered containers, the types tool might become ordered as well. GS always specifies the order of sub-objects in the container's file.

Right now we have a relatively easy rule: Adding, moving or removing sub-objects modifies the container, so these changes *always* have to be specified explicitly in the container's file.

'id' and 'meta_type' in the per-item files are not really used. Would it be an improvement to remove that redundant information from the per-item files?

Worse, it's easy to forget, and no warning that there are "orphan" files.

Adding a warning might be an other solution.

I'm pretty sure it's an easy fix to make types.xml and workflows.xml optional (or even deprecated, though of course workflows.xml also has bind information that should remain there).

All the information required for adding, moving or removing sub-objects is currently stored in the container's file. Additional code and complexity is necessary to extract that information from per-item files.



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