Martin Aspeli wrote:
yuppie wrote:
I'm not happy with the current file format. But representing containers is a general problem and I want *one* generic solution that works for all use cases.

I'm not sure most people think of portal_types as a "container" per se. Rather, they think "I need to register my content type, and for that I need an XML file that describes it". The fact that portal_types is a container for FTI objects is an implementation detail that probably doesn't belong too explicitly in the declarative GenericSetup syntax.

For Plone users it might be an implementation detail. But even Plone users should know that importing GS profiles creates persistent objects.

Pure CMF doesn't hide the implementation. The configuration data is stored in tools and sub-objects, GS maps them to directories and files. TTW configuration and GS configuration have the same structure, if you are familiar with TTW configuration you know where to find the same settings in a profile. Or the other way round.

Cheers, Yuppie

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